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1 Day Tanzania  Hike at the Usambara Mountains

1 Day Tanzania Hike at the Usambara Mountains

1 Day Tanzania  Hike at the Usambara Mountains
From $65.00
1 Person

1 Day Tanzania Hike at the Usambara Mountains

The Usambara Mountains are 2000-meter-tall ridges located in the north-east of Tanzania, about 6 hours from Dares salaam. In the 19th century, German colonists brought crops such as coffee and tea and built many churches in the area. They introduced the concept of separating the forest and villages, which was assimilated by the locals. The biggest settlement within this area is Lushoto town. It is a busy trading center and offers many street markets where locals are trading their products. Lushoto is also the starting point for hikes to the mountains. There are several viewpoints along the ridges that can be reached by hiking along many small trails that lead through farms, tea and coffee plantations, forests and hills. A famous viewpoint is the Irente Viewpoint in the west of Lushoto. It is a great place to see the sunset. Another viewpoint on the mountain is the Mambo Viewpoint, named after the nearby village. Here, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the valley beneath. On a clear day, Mt. Kilimanjaro can be seen at a distance. The most famous creatures are the Usambara chameleons. Additionally, there are plenty of bird species, including monkeys and butterflies. In the south of Lushoto, you can visit the beautiful Kisasa waterfalls. In the center of the Usambara Mountains, you can also visit the Mkuzi waterfalls. All this combined makes it a very beautiful, versatile and tranquil hiking area worth a visit. If you have some additional time, the East Usambara Mountains are worth a visit, along with the tropical Magoroto Lake, to relax after your hike.

Berngo Safaris offers Usambara Mountains hiking ranging from a daytrip from Lushoto to several days hikes. Please contact us for further information.

Highlights of the Usambara Mountains

Visit the markets of Lushoto

Find traces of the first German settlements

Visit Mkuzi & Kisasa Waterfalls

Enjoy the view at Irente Viewpoint & Mambo Viewpoint

Relax at Magoroto Lake

Day Hike at the Usambara Mountains

Explore the breathtaking Usambara Mountains on a day hike, immersing yourself in the natural beauty and rich history of this enchanting region.


Location: Usambara Mountains, northeast Tanzania, approximately 6 hours from Dar es Salaam.


 In the 19th century, German colonists introduced crops like coffee and tea and built churches, shaping the landscape and culture.

Starting Point

Lushoto town, a bustling trading center with vibrant street markets.


Navigate through farms, tea and coffee plantations, forests, and hills via various small trails.


Marvel at stunning vistas from the Irente Viewpoint and Mambo Viewpoint, offering panoramic views of the valley and, on clear days, Mt. Kilimanjaro.


Spot Usambara chameleons, diverse bird species, monkeys, and butterflies.


Visit the picturesque Kisasa and Mkuzi waterfalls, adding to the area's allure.


Unwind at Magoroto Lake in the East Usambara Mountains after your hike.

Berngo Safaris: Choose from day trips or multi-day hikes with Berngo Safaris. Contact us for more details.

Highlights of the Usambara Mountains:

Explore Lushoto's bustling markets.

Discover remnants of the area's German colonial past.

Visit Mkuzi and Kisasa Waterfalls.

Admire sunset views from Irente Viewpoint and Mambo Viewpoint.

Enjoy leisure time at Magoroto Lake.

Experience the tranquility and beauty of the Usambara Mountains on a memorable day hike with us


Group Size | Price per person

1 person: USD 95/person

2-3 people | USD 90/person

4-5 people | USD 85/person

6-7 people | USD 75/person

8–9 people | USD 70/person

10–12 people | USD 65/person

*Please note: This trip is exclusively available starting from Lushoto (accessible from Dar es Salaam or Moshi). Transfers are available upon request!

Price includes:

Park fees

professional guide for your hike

All activities

All Taxes/VAT

- Meals

Drinking water (provided on all days)

Price excludes

International flights (from or to home)

 Roundtrip airport transfer 

Accommodation before and at the end of the tour: Tips 

(Tipping guideline: US$10.00 per person per day) 

Personal items (souvenirs, travel insurance, visa fees, etc.)

 Government imposed increase of taxes and/or park fees

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