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7 Days Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro Marangu Route

7 Days Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro Marangu Route

7 Days Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro Marangu Route
From $1,790.00
1 Person

Embark on an unforgettable journey to conquer the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro through the renowned Machame Route with us on an exclusive private climb over 7 days.

BERNGO Safaris presents a meticulously crafted 7-day Kilimanjaro Machame Route tour, promising an exhilarating adventure amidst awe-inspiring natural beauty. Our package ensures not just an ascent to Africa's highest peak but an experience tailored to your comfort and preferences.

Included in our adventure tour package is accommodation in shared twin rooms. However, for those seeking solitary repose, single-bed accommodations can be arranged with prior notification of at least 2 weeks before the commencement of the tour.

During the ascent, camaraderie thrives as you share tents with fellow climbers, fostering bonds and sharing the triumphs of the journey. Depending on the number of participants, each tent accommodates 1-2 climbers, ensuring both companionship and privacy along the way.

Join us as we venture through rugged terrain, immerse ourselves in the splendor of Kilimanjaro's diverse landscapes, and strive for the summit, making memories to last a lifetime.


Upon your arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, our team will warmly welcome you and facilitate your transfer to your accommodation in the vibrant town of Moshi. Here, you will have the opportunity to settle in and acclimate to the unique surroundings.

Meet with your experienced guide, who will provide a comprehensive briefing on the exciting adventure that lies ahead. Together, you'll conduct an equipment check to ensure you have all the necessary gear for your upcoming trek. Any missing essentials can be conveniently rented on this day, ensuring you're fully equipped for the journey ahead.

Relish in a delicious array of meals throughout the day, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner included, setting the stage for an unforgettable expedition ahead.


Embark on the exhilarating journey from Moshi to Machame Gate, a scenic hour-long drive. Upon arrival, immerse yourself in the natural beauty as you complete park formalities and assemble with our dedicated crew of porters, ready to begin the ascent.

The initial leg of the trek unveils a mesmerizing path winding through lush rainforest, cloaked in verdant foliage. While this trail may be less traversed, it promises an immersive experience amidst nature's splendor, though occasionally overgrown and adorned with patches of mud, adding an element of adventure to the expedition.

Traverse approximately 10.8 kilometers (6.7 miles) over the course of 6 hours, steadily ascending towards Machame Camp at an elevation of 3010 meters. Along the way, savor the serenity of the surroundings and the camaraderie of your fellow trekkers, forging bonds amidst the captivating landscape.

Indulge in a nourishing array of meals throughout the day, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner thoughtfully provided, ensuring you're fueled for the journey ahead and replenished after a day of adventure.


Embark on the next leg of our adventure as we bid farewell to Machame Camp and ascend further into the heart of Kilimanjaro. The journey continues through the enchanting forest terrain until we reach the precipitous climb onto the expansive Shira Plateau, where breathtaking vistas of the mountain await.

As you ascend, be captivated by the panoramic views unfurling around you, offering glimpses of the majestic Mount Meru towering above the distant Arusha town, a sight to behold and a testament to the awe-inspiring magnificence of the natural world.

Covering approximately 5.4 kilometers (3.4 miles) over the course of 5 hours, traverse the rugged terrain with determination and awe, soaking in the serenity of the surroundings and the camaraderie of your fellow adventurers.

Fuel your journey with nourishing meals provided throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, ensuring you remain energized and fortified for the challenges and triumphs that lie ahead on this extraordinary expedition.


Enter a realm of high moorland as we continue our ascent, witnessing a transformation in the landscape that defines this leg of the journey. Traversing the southwest flank of Kilimanjaro, the scenery undergoes a remarkable shift, unveiling a terrain characterized by vast expanses and rugged beauty.

Passing beneath the imposing Lava Tower and the majestic Western Breach, we forge onward, our path leading us to the coveted Barranco Camp. Throughout the day, we navigate altitudes reaching up to 4600 meters, adhering to the time-honored mountaineering principle of 'walk high, sleep low' to optimize your body's acclimatization to the altitude.

Covering approximately 10.8 kilometers (6.7 miles) over the course of 8 hours, this leg of the journey demands both endurance and determination. Yet, amidst the challenges, there is a sense of exhilaration and triumph as you push your limits and embrace the rugged beauty of Kilimanjaro.

Refuel with nourishing meals provided throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, ensuring you remain fortified for the rigors of the ascent and the rewarding experiences that await at each new elevation.


Embark on a day of exhilarating exploration as we navigate the rugged terrain from Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp, immersing ourselves in the dramatic landscapes that define Kilimanjaro's southeastern slopes.

Our journey commences with a descent into the awe-inspiring Great Barranco, a vast ravine that serves as a gateway to the wonders that lie ahead. Ascending steeply, we confront the formidable Great Barranco Wall, a towering natural barrier that separates us from the southeastern slopes of Kibo. Though not technically challenging, the ascent demands endurance and perseverance as we navigate the rocky terrain.

Traversing beneath the towering Heim and Kersten glaciers, we press onward towards the picturesque Karanga valley, our path punctuated by breathtaking vistas and moments of quiet reflection.

As we ascend from the Karanga valley to our night's camp at Karanga Camp, nestled at an elevation of 3963 meters, the sense of achievement is palpable. For those seeking an extra challenge, a mid-afternoon acclimatization trek to around 4200 meters offers the opportunity to further acclimate to the altitude, providing a glimpse of the awe-inspiring landscapes that await at higher elevations.

Covering approximately 5.5 kilometers (3.4 miles) over the course of 5 hours, this leg of the journey is both invigorating and challenging, rewarding perseverance with unforgettable vistas and moments of camaraderie.

Replenish your energy with nourishing meals provided throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, ensuring you remain fortified for the adventures that lie ahead amidst the breathtaking beauty of Kilimanjaro.


Awaken to the promise of another day of adventure as we bid farewell to Karanga Camp and set our sights on the lofty heights of Barafu Camp, situated at an elevation of 4640 meters. After a nourishing breakfast and a rejuvenating night's rest, we embark on our ascent, ready to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

Our journey takes us across desolate scree slopes, where the stark beauty of the landscape unfolds around us, devoid of vegetation, presenting a stark contrast to the lushness of the lower altitudes. The climb is arduous and steep, compounded by the effects of altitude, demanding both physical and mental fortitude from each adventurer.

Upon reaching Barafu Camp, we pause to refuel with a hearty meal and spend the afternoon in well-deserved rest and preparation for the daunting climb ahead. As the sun sets and the chill of the evening descends upon us, it's crucial to remain hydrated and warm, ensuring optimal comfort and safety in the high-altitude environment.

Gather for an early dinner, nourishing your body in anticipation of the challenges that await in the dark hours ahead. Then, retire to your tents for a few precious hours of rest, knowing that the summit bid looms on the horizon, with a pre-dawn start between 11pm and 12am, as we embark on the final ascent to Uhuru Peak.

Covering approximately 3 kilometers (1.9 miles) over the course of 3 hours, this leg of the journey is short yet demanding, serving as a prelude to the ultimate challenge that awaits at the summit.

Savor nourishing meals provided throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, ensuring you remain energized and fortified for the epic endeavor ahead as we strive for the summit under the vast African sky.


Embark on the ultimate ascent as we begin our summit bid under the cloak of darkness, setting out from Barafu Camp around midnight. The path ahead is steep and challenging, winding its way upward toward the summit glaciers. Climbing through scree terrain for 4 to 5 hours, each step brings us closer to the pinnacle of Kilimanjaro, gaining incredible height over a relatively short distance. Despite the physical demands, the journey is punctuated by moments of awe as we behold the breathtaking vistas unfolding around us.

As the first rays of dawn illuminate the landscape, we reach Stella Point (5739 m) on the crater rim, a momentous milestone in our journey. Surrounded by spectacular ice cliffs within the crater, the views stretch out before us, with the jagged peak of Mawenzi and beyond, painting a picture of unparalleled beauty.

Pressing onward, another hour of trekking brings us to the ultimate goal: Uhuru Peak (5895 m). Stand at the summit, a testament to your perseverance and determination, and bask in the glory of this extraordinary achievement.

Begin the descent by retracing our steps to Stella Point before descending via scree slopes and tracks back to Barafu Camp, where a hearty breakfast awaits, replenishing our energy for the journey ahead.

After breakfast, continue the descent to Millennium Camp, where a well-earned rest awaits. Reflect on the triumphs and challenges of the journey as you descend through changing landscapes, the memories of Kilimanjaro forever etched in your heart.

Covering approximately 13.4 kilometers (8.3 miles) over the course of 12 to 15 hours, this leg of the journey is the culmination of weeks of preparation and determination, a testament to the indomitable human spirit.

Savor nourishing meals provided throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, celebrating the triumphs and camaraderie forged amidst the breathtaking beauty of Kilimanjaro.


Embark on the final leg of our remarkable journey, descending from Millennium Camp through the lush rainforest to the awaiting embrace of Mweka Gate. As we bid farewell to the towering peaks of Kilimanjaro, we reflect on the challenges conquered and the memories made during our epic adventure.

The trek unfolds with a gentle descent, the verdant canopy overhead providing shade as we navigate the winding paths leading to Mweka Gate. Along the way, the sights and sounds of the rainforest enchant us, offering a tranquil backdrop to our journey's conclusion.


You have a leisurely day ahead to unwind following your trek before your departure flight. If your flight schedule allows, take the opportunity to wander around Moshi town, perhaps picking up some souvenirs, before making your way to the airport.

Additionally, if you're eager to further explore Tanzania, consider adding on experiences such as a safari or a visit to Zanzibar.

● Meals: Breakfast Included


Group Size | Price per person

1 person | USD 2090/person

2-3 people | USD 2020/person

4-5 people | USD 1950/person

6-7 people | USD 1890/person

8–9 people | USD 1830/person

10–12 people | USD 1790/person

Price Includes:

• Private transportation to and from Kilimanjaro International Airport to your accommodations in Moshi.

• 2 nights of accommodation in Moshi.

• Transportation to and from the Kilimanjaro gate.

• Park entry fees.

• Camping fees.

• Team Kilimanjaro Rescue fees.

• 18% VAT on tour fees and services.

• Mountain tents.

• sleeping mats.

• Friendly and professional mountain guides, cooks, and porters.

• Three hot meals daily while on the mountain.

• Sufficiently treated and filtered drinking water throughout the trek.

• hot water for washing.

• Fair wages for the mountain crew.

• Government taxes.

• Emergency first-aid kit.

Price Excludes:

Lunches, dinners, and drinks at your hotel before and after the climb.

travel insurance.

portable flush toilet with a toilet tent, available for an additional charge of $80 for the entire trek.

- Flights.

laundry services (available at the hotel).

personal items and toiletries.

Tips for guides, porters, and the cook.


Tipping on Kilimanjaro is calculated for the trekking group (not per climber):

Main Guide: $20 per day per guide.

Assistant Guide: $15 per day per guide.

Cook: $12 per day.

Porter: $8 per day per porter.

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