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Transformative Safari Experiences


Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional services for customers before and during their safari trips to Africa. Primarily, our goal is to ensure that our clients get the most out of their journey and that whatever they experience is intense, unforgettable, and life-changing.

We provide comprehensive travel packages and arrange for our clients to have smooth and seamless experiences before and during their safaris. We utilize our extensive knowledge of safari destinations in order to tailor their journeys to their specifications and ensure they get to experience the most amazing animals, scenery, and cultures that Africa can offer.

Business and Volunteer Partnerships

In addition to arranging travel services, we also take our role as a wholesaler seriously. We offer a referral network in order to provide our customers with more bespoke, personalized safari arrangements. Whether an individual is looking to tour an off-the-beaten-path location or is seeking more options online and more connections worldwide, we have the resources to make their journey as seamless and life-changing as it can be.


We are always looking for business partners from other suppliers that would like to join us to give our clients and customers the best customized vacation and destination services.

Berngo Safaris, LLC is committed to give back to our communities here in the USA and in Africa through volunteerism and other resources. We encourage not-for profit organizations to partner with us . There are are so many in both of our communities that would benefit from this partnerships.

The volunteer work of some of our partners has been making a big impact to school children that need books, pens and even meals and we thank them.

Contact Berngo Safaris, LLC, [email protected] to learn more about how we can help make your African adventure your most memorable and life-changing experience yet and how you can impact the lives of children in our communities.

Services and Safari Packages Offered by Berngo Safaris

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